Rad + In Love is Jamie Street + Michelle Pullman.

Michelle lives in an A-frame cabin in the Mt. Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles and loves exploring the city, mountains and sea with cameras and her dog Zoey. Play the right music, and she might end up break dancing at your reception.

Jamie lives in San Diego with a house full of boys. She is mildly obsessed with finding the perfect swimming spot in Southern California, and her dad teases her that her kids are going to grow up thinking that their mom's face looks like the end of a camera lens.

We make fast friends with you and yours, show up radiant, energized and excited to be doing what we love: capturing the honest beauty and emotion of your wedding day. We embrace spirit and energy and take a pass on pretense and posing. We are easy, like Sunday morning. We go with the flow.  

Most importantly, we believe that our work speaks for itself. We hope that you are here because it is chatting you up, and saying good things.

Select Features:

A Practical Wedding: March 2019: Kim + Naylene

Over the Moon: November 2018: Ivy + Felicia

A Practical Wedding: January 2018: Bonnie + Kenneth

Green Wedding Shoes: December 2017: Jordan + Logan

A Practical Wedding: November 2017: Jenn + Clarence

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100 Layer Cake: August 2017: Krystal + Jonny

Green Wedding Shoes: May 2017: Mariam + Paul

100 Layer Cake: January 2017: Quinn + Dustin

100 Layer Cake: June 2016: Olivia + Blake

A Practical Wedding: May 2016: Christina + Zack

A Practical Wedding: April 2016: Herbie + Shannon

Snippet + Ink: February 2016: M'daya + Shawn

A Practical Wedding: February 2016: Elyse + Lewis

A Practical Wedding: January 2016: Ronda + Bryan

Once Wed: December 2015: Jessica + Luckey

Style Me Pretty: October 2015: Kim + Marcin

Green Wedding Shoes: September 2015: Jane + Adam

H&H Weddings: June 2015: Richard + Paul

H&H Weddings: April 2015: Jocelyn + Caroline

Green Wedding Shoes: April 2015: Anna + Oliver

A Practical Wedding: February 2015: Belle + Pontus

100 Layer Cake: January 2015: Geneva + Andy

A Practical Wedding: January 2015: Lucila + Angelo

Green Wedding Shoes: December 2014: Holiday Party from Dart DJ + Gather Events

Style Me Pretty: November 2014: Kit + Alejandro

Green Wedding Shoes: October 2014: Kristen + Taylor

100 Layer Cake: September 2014: Rancho Del Cielo Wedding

A Practical Wedding, August 2014: Bristol + John

East Side Bride, August 2014: Bri + Ben

Green Wedding Shoes: May 2014: Alex + Jeanne

Snippet & Ink: April 2014: Samantha + Jake

Stone Fox Tails: April 2014: Cynthia + Brad

Refinery 29: March 2014: Amy + John

Snippet & Ink, March 2014: Mel + Michael

Brooklyn Bride, March 2014: Kyong + Andrew

A Practical Wedding, February 2014: Cat + Jonney

Style Me Pretty, November 2013: Rebecca + James

The Etsy Blog, November 2013: Caitlin + Mackenzie

East Side Bride, October 2013: Claire + Gareth

Rangefinder, October 2013: Nikisha + Carl

Green Wedding Shoes, September 2013: Hayley + Gordon

Snippet & Ink, August 2013: Erin + Matt

Green Wedding Shoes, July 2013: Runaway Pop Up Wedding

Style Me Pretty, July 2013: Carrie + Nick

100 Layer Cake, June 2013: Cynthia + Brad

Style Me Pretty, March 2013: Nia + Mark

Once Wed, December 2012: Nikisha + Carl

East Side Bride, October 2012: Kelli + Brian

A Practical Wedding, August 2012: Rachel + Jeff

East Side Bride, February 2012: Katie + Jeremy